Push your own limits

If there is a way to get pleasure and self-reward, it must definitly be to challenge yourself while contributing to a good cause.


Discover with comfort

For everyone that wants to see the best spots of Iceland and experience this with like-minded travelers and the convenience of a professional guide.

Group trekking


Hike the unknowned paths

With your safety in mind, our local guides will lead you to places where only few go.

4x4 crossing rivers



From conferences to fancy catering on a glacier, your company deserves the best to celebrate achievements.

School group listening



As nature issues arise, a school trip is the perfect opportunity to raise children’s awareness to the environment and its protection.

Cameraman shooting



Do not lose time wandering around looking for what to capture, we bring you to the best locations to shoot.
Preparing for an expedition is full of detals to think of. Let us handle the support.



Experience the elements

From multidays kayak or dogseldding trips to pulka sleds expeditions, a guided trip to Greenland will create stunning memories.

Hiker crossing river


Be your own guide – feel the freedom

Trekking through the highlands of Iceland is an experience of a life time. We deal with the logistic – transport, food and accommodation – allowing you to keep you mind free for hiking.


Adventure – expertise – comfort

Enjoying the country and its beautiful nature with the expertise of a local guide. A one or multiple day tour completely catered to your wishes and needs.

Wooden bridge


Travel at your pace – follow your way

We arrange the bookings and provide you with a personalized roadbook suggesting points of interest, off the beaten track directions. The rest is yours to appreciate.



Remote – Quiet – Pure

Starting from Iceland, take your adventure a step further to the true land of ice. Be one of the few to experience the close proximity with icebergs and wilderness.

Iceland Your Way – Fiskislóð 18-20 – 101 – Reykjavík – Iceland

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